Support for Agronomists

This training was developed and delivered by Martin Entz, PhD, Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba. It is intended for private and public sector agronomists who want to respond to the growing demand from producers for more information about organic grain production. Grain farmers considering transition to organic or current organic practitioners who want to learn the theory and the latest science will also find the course valuable. The course was designed with the Prairies in mind, however agronomists in other ecoregions will learn universal principles or organic production.

Natural Systems Agriculture

The research work conducted by the Natural Systems Agriculture team at the University of Manitoba includes both long-term and short-term studies on organic agriculture. 

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Lesson Three: Pest Management with a Focus on Disease, Insects (and Weeds)

Lesson Four: Soil Management for Organic Production - Putting Theory into Practice

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The Organic Agronomy Training was developed as part of the Prairie Organic Development Fund’s Canadian Organic Ingredient Strategy. 

The Canadian Organic Ingredient Strategy was funded by: