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Successful Production Practices

Ensure the well-being and productivity of your animals by focusing on the key practices of animal health management, proper nutrition, animal welfare, and record keeping.

A Systems Approach to Organic Agricultural Production 

This training is intended to challenge readers to critically evaluate their farm resources, map their farming operation in order to better visualize the farm as a system including the many connections, and strengthen their adaptive learning capacity. 

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Feeding in Times of Shortage

Pivot and Grow

Karen Klassen demos the new Manitoba Grazing Exchange platform which matches livestock producers and grain farmers interested in grazing both annual cover crops and perennials. Afterward, organic farmers, Kevin Beach and Donna Bryck-Beach, share their experience with fodder systems to supplement feed.

Stocking Rates for Long-Term Drought Resilience

Pivot and Grow

There’s lot of emphasis on increasing your stocking rate these days, but how do you know what your land can support for grazing? How do you calculate it? Learn more about how carrying capacity and your stocking rate are related and how to determine them for individual pastures, and how having the appropriate stocking rate and grazing strategies add drought resilience to your operation.

Cover Cropping Economics with Livestock Integration

Farmers for Climate Solutions

Western Canadian top cover crop expert, Kevin Elmy, gives the lowdown on the economics of using cover crops in grain cropping systems and integrating livestock.

Growing the Prairie Regenerative Revolution

Pivot and Grow

This article from Kris Nichols, PhD., discusses regenerative agriculture as an innovative, integrated, and dynamic systems approach to agriculture which utilizes primarily biologically based management practices and tools to regenerate soils.

Growing Organic Forage Crops

Pivot and Grow

Growing forage crops is a vital part of livestock production for two specific purposes: grazing by livestock or to help make up seasonal shortfalls between feed demand and supply.

Fodder for Thought

Pivot and Grow

After four dry years and decreased yields, Kevin Beach and Donna Bryck-Beach adopted a Fodder System to help feed their livestock. Learn how in a year where they had a shortage of feed, this was a great solution to supplement their feed crops.

Manitoba Grazing Exchange

Are you a grain or livestock producer? Check out this resource to develop grazing arrangements in your area! The map displays markers representing contract grazers with herds for hire, as well as locations available for grazing. 

Bale Grazing on Organic Crop Land

Gateway Research Organization

Meet Ward Middleton and Delton Jubinville. These two decided to combine (pun intended) organic crop farming, custom grazing cattle and bale grazing. This year Ward is feeding Delton’s cattle by bale grazing on 35 acres of organic crop land. Watch to find out more!

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