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As we change our perspective, the world around us changes. New insights, more opportunities, and bigger successes all start with a small shift— a pivotal moment. This is what transitioning to organics is all about: taking incremental steps to make a meaningful impact.

Farmer Profiles

Our Farm 1

Our Farm

In a province dominated by huge farms, Dennis Skoworodko’s operation stands out. “I’m the oddball here in Saskatoon,” Dennis laughs, “because I’m a vegetable grower and I’m certified organic.” His operation, “Our Farm,” grows 40 types of vegetables and four types of small fruit.
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The New Farm 2

The New Farm

Gillian Flies and her husband Brent Preston own and operate The New Farm, a regenerative organic vegetable farm that provides high-quality, organic produce to restaurants and specialty retail stores in the Toronto and Collingwood areas.
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Sundog Organic Farm 1

Sundog Organic Farm

For farmers, challenges are nothing new. But from 2019-20, James Vriend and Jenny Berkenbosch of Sundog Organic Farm faced a flood of challenges.
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