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Planning for Success

No matter what the reason you have chosen to shift to organics, planning is key to a successful transition. Putting time into business planning will help you set up a successful organic grain enterprise.

Transition Starter Kit

How do I effectively control weeds? What’s the best way to manage soil fertility? This downloadable kit will get you started on your journey to organic farming and walk you through important things to think about as you transition.

Get Started

Organic Production Planning Through Transition

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

The key to successful organic crop production is diversity. Enhancing diversity involves a holistic approach with carefully planned crop rotations. Learn how to plan for a successful transition.

Transitioning to Organic Farming


It’s not for everyone, but if you’re wondering if going organic might be for you, here are nine tips to get you started down the path.


A Business Planner for Farmers, Ranchers and Food Entrepreneurs

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education

Successfully managing your business through the multi-year transition process requires careful planning. If you are interested in transitioning, this is the perfect tool to help.

Saskatchewan Organic Crop Planning Guide

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

The Crop Planning Guide and Crop Planner Calculator provide information that can help estimate the income and cost of production for different crops in the various soil zones in the province.

Alberta Organic Crop Insurance

Alberta Financial Services Corporation

For over 80 years, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation has provided Alberta farmers with crop insurance, livestock price insurance, farm loans, commercial loans and farm income disaster assistance.

Saskatchewan Organic Crop Insurance

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation

Crop Insurance provides insurance for crops experiencing a loss in yield, whether it is due to an insurable cause of loss in the quality or quantity of the insured crop.

Manitoba Organic Crop Insurance

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation offers flexible and affordable insurance to producers throughout Manitoba. Over 80 different crops are insurable through AgriInsurance.

Planning and Using Cost of Production

Manitoba Organic Alliance

This video takes you through the online spreadsheets MAFRD offers and makes the case that these should part of every farmer’s toolbox. 


Each organic farmer must certify with an accredited certification body. The certification body oversees the certification process  and verifies that organic products are compliant with the Canadian Organic Standards. Land must be free from substances prohibited in organic production for 36 months prior to the initial harvest of an organic crop. Your input and management history matter so the sooner your organic management begins, the sooner you can achieve organic status.

Certification Bodies

Check out a list of certification bodies in your area.

Prairie Directory

Transitioning to Organic & The Certification Process

Peace Country Beef & Forage Assocation

Representatives from OCIA, EcoCert, and ProCert speak to the organic transition, and their certification processes.

Certification Process Flow Chart

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry & Certified Organic Association of BC

Learn more about the process of getting your farm certified organic.

Top Ten Tips for Your Inspection

Janine Gibson

Get the top tips for certifying organic, from an organic inspector.

Common Mistakes in Certification

Canadian Organic Growers

Learn the most common mistakes made by certification applicants.

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