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Market Your Operation

Planning is key. Take advantage of your transition period to seek out buyers for your organic grain products. Talk to them about prices, but also ask questions about market requirements. What varieties of grain are they looking for? What are the minimum quality requirements? What type of special handling, if any, will make your crop more attractive? By knowing your market requirements and potential buyers, you will be ready to hit the ground running when you harvest your first organic crop.

Organic Grain Hub

The Organic Grain Hub makes it easier for organic grain growers to connect with buyers while giving them the market intelligence they need to succeed in a competitive business environment. 

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On-Farm Grain Processing

Pivot and Grow

The On-Farm Grain Processing curriculum provides producers who may be interested in adding value to the grains they grow. While many organic grain farmers add some value by cleaning or bagging their grains, this curriculum is intended for producers who wish to take ownership of the entire value chain by growing, cleaning, further processing and selling their own grains to direct, wholesale or retail markets.

Organic Grain Markets: Spring 2022


This is a recording of a live webinar that took place on April 13th 2022. Prices and market factors discussed reflect those of the time in which it was recorded. This webinar featured an organic grain buyer forum with 11 companies and covered the latest markets, pricing and contract info.

Grain Prices Over Time

Pivot and Grow

Follow trends in historical grain price data.

Organic Grain Marketing 101: Logistics

Brenda Tjaden, OrganicBiz

The logistics costs involved in getting organic grain from farms to markets are astronomical…

Organic Grain Marketing 101: Liquidity

Brenda Tjaden, OrganicBiz

The substance of grain marketing is the same for all farmers — to generate income…

Organic Grain Marketing 101: Rejection Risk

Brenda Tjaden, OrganicBiz

Lots of growers have been through the unpleasant experience of having a load of grain…

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There are plenty of organizations throughout Canada that can help you on your journey.

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