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Market Your Operation

Marketing is vital for horticulture producers as it helps increase sales, build a strong brand, differentiate products, expand distribution channels, and engage with customers. Learn how to implement effective marketing strategies to achieve business growth and success.

Prairie Directory

Get connected to the right people.

Use the Directory

Farm to Table: Working with Local Restaurants and Businesses

Pivot and Grow

Learn how you can develop partnerships with local businesses and restaurants, and get tips on how you can start a partnerships with local businesses.

Marketing Tools & Tips

Pivot and Grow

Learn how Dennis Skoworodko uses his marketing principles year-round on his certified organic vegetable farm. Dennis walks you through what and how he markets, and how he makes it work for his farm.

Connecting with Consumers and Adapting to Markets

Organic Alberta

Practical tips on diversifying your direct-marketing through website and retail sales, videos, crafting a campaign, and sharing your farm story sustainably.

Get Social

Connecting with fellow farmers and industry members can help you stay on the pulse of market opportunities and information.


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Getting Connected

There are plenty of organizations throughout Canada that can help you on your journey.

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