Helpful resources to get you started

Planning for Success

No matter what the reason you have chosen to shift to organics, planning is key to a successful transition. Putting time into business planning will help you set up a successful organic grain enterprise.

Transition Starter Kit

This downloadable kit will get you started on your journey to organic farming and walk you through important things to think about as you transition.

Get Started


The Organic Transition Planner will walk you through the development of an actionable business transition plan that is suitable for yourself, your management team or a lender. The planner will help you explore organic transition strategies and decide whether going organic makes sense for your farm or business.


Representatives from OCIA, EcoCert, and ProCert speak to the organic transition, and their certification processes.

Certification Process Flow Chart

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry & Certified Organic Association of BC

Learn more about the process of getting your farm certified organic.

Top Ten Tips for Your Inspection

Janine Gibson

Get the top tips for certifying organic, from an organic inspector.

Common Mistakes in Certification

Canadian Organic Growers

Learn the most common mistakes made by certification applicants.

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