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1. Green Manure Resource Tool for Professionals

Want to delve deeper into the scientific studies and extension resources that examine the use of green manures in Prairie grain production?  This tool provides you with just that: an in-depth, comprehensive and detailed listing of Prairie-based green manure research and extension documents. For ease of use, the tool includes filters that allow the materials to be broken out by green manure species, soil zone, and location. The tool also includes a listing of Prairie-based and international scientific reviews that explore the basic principles and practices of green manuring. This resource was developed for the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada.

There are 6 worksheets in this Excel file:

  1. Instructions: The Instruction page
  2. Detailed Prairie Studies: A listing of Prairie research that explores specific green manures and management strategies. This listing can be broken down by green manure species, soil zone and location, and also includes information on seeding rates, management, biomass and nitrogen levels, water use, and a general summary of the findings. The summary of findings (in the Outcome column) were generated by the developers of this tool.
  3. General & Lit Reviews: A listing of more general Prairie research, often review papers, on green manures and closely related topics. International reviews that explore the basic principles and practices of green manures are also included.
  4. Extension Resources: A listing of Prairie (and some external) extension resources that break research results down into more accessible formats and language. Website links are included.
  5. Full Bibliography: An alphabetic bibliographic listing of all Prairie research articles included in this tool, as well as the link to the full papers. This listing removes the multiple entries as presented in the Detailed Prairie Studies page
  6. Author Index: A listing (alphabetic by last name) of all authors of Prairie research papers included in this tool, with the ID numbers of all studies in which they are listed as an author. This makes it easy to find all studies by a particular author.
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The Green Manure Toolkit was Developed by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada.