Interested in Organic Farming?

Your transition has the potential to protect and improve your farm’s soil health, protect the environment, and support your family through improved profitability. But how exactly do you do it? What will you do when the weeds grow and the pests arrive? As an organic producer you will take a more creative, holistic approach to solving your weed and pest management issues. For many producers, this is where farming really gets fun. And luckily for you, we’re here to help!

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Hear stories of transition from fellow farmers who have shifted from conventional to organic farming. Learn about their successes, challenges and experiences.

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Common Issues for Beginners

Soil Fertility

Soil Fertility

To grow healthy crops that are able to withstand pests, weeds, moisture and frost issues you must start with healthy soil. Organic farmers focus much of their time and effort on building healthy soil through combinations of compost and green manures and also by carefully planning their crop rotations. We have started the work for you by compiling the latest research and best soil building practices into a variety of resources to help you out.


But What About The Weeds!?

While an organic field will likely never be 100% free of weeds, the trick is to keep them at a level that does not interfere with the crop, adversely affecting the yield. Producers and researchers over the years have experimented with a variety of management techniques, including crop rotations, soil building, various types of tillage, varying the timing of seeding, clipping tall weeds that grow above shorter crops, inter-cropping and incorporating crops with allelopathic qualities into their plan.

Economics 1


Whether you’re a new or established farmer, understanding your cost of production is important for a successful transition. Transition and production costs will vary from farm to farm depending on your current situation and your future plans.  We’ve put together a few resources to help you begin to understand the numbers.


Marketing 101

Wondering who you will sell to and where your product will end up? Looking for tips on pricing, shipping terms, contracts?  With thousands of farms already thriving in Canada, there is a well-established body of knowledge just waiting to be tapped into. We will help you to stay up to date and connected with the marketing information you need. 

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